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Tim Cook used the launch of a cheaper Apple iPhone to set out the principles behind its fight with the US government over encryption, as well as announcing new environmental and digital health initiatives. 蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)利用廉价版苹果(Apple) iPhone的发布会阐述了该公司在加密问题上与美国政府抗争背后的原则,同时还宣告了新的环境和数字化身体健康倡议。In a rare move downmarket as it tries to stimulate growth, Apple cut the price of its Apple Watch Sport by $50 and introduced a new 4-inch iPhone at $399, $250 less than its flagship 6s model. Apple also unveiled a new 10-inch iPad Pro costing $599, $200 below the 13-inch productivity-focused tablet the company launched last year. 在为了性刺激快速增长而采行的面向低端市场的少见行径中,苹果将其Apple Watch Sport价格上调50美元,并发售了新款4英寸版iPhone,售价为399美元,较其旗舰版6s型号的价格低250美元。苹果还发布了新款10英寸的iPad Pro,售价为599美元,较其去年发售的面向工作的13英寸平板电脑的价格低200美元。“We are always pushing forward and innovating and doing things that positively affect many people — something Apple has been doing for over 40 years,” Mr Cook said. “我们总是向前前进、创意、作出正面影响很多人的事情——这些是苹果做到了40多年的事情,”库克称之为。


The new iPhone SE looks nearly identical to the 5 series first introduced in 2012 but includes its latest A9 chip, Apple Pay and a much improved camera module. The device is intended to appeal to customers buying their first smartphone in emerging markets, with around a third of 4-inch iPhone customers buying their first Apple handset, as well as consumers who prefer a smaller form factor. 新款iPhone SE看上去与2012年首次发售的iPhone 5系列完全完全相同,但是iPhone SE配有了近期的A9芯片、Apple Pay以及性能好得多的摄像头模块。该产品目的更有新兴市场的顾客出售其首部智能手机,并顺应那些更喜欢较小尺寸手机的消费者。大约有三分之一的4英寸iPhone用户是首次出售苹果手机。

“Many, many customers have asked for this,” said Mr Cook. “很多很多顾客拒绝这种尺寸的手机,”库克称之为。However, hype around Monday’s event has been more subdued than for many Apple product launches, ahead of a more substantial update for its flagship device in September. 然而,环绕周一发布会的宣传比起以往多次苹果产品发布会更加高调,9月苹果将发售其旗舰产品极具技术含量的改版版本。

Apple’s product launch has been partly overshadowed by its high-profile fight with the FBI over whether the company should be forced to help investigators break into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. Monday’s event came just a day before Apple and the FBI will meet in court near San Bernardino, when a magistrate will hear evidence from security experts and law enforcement officials. 苹果此次产品发布会因其与联邦调查局(FBI)之间令人瞩目的争吵而掩盖了些许阴影,争吵的焦点在于该公司应不应该被强迫拒绝协助调查人员密码圣贝纳迪诺(San Bernardino)枪手的iPhone。发布会举办次日,苹果和FBI将在圣贝纳迪诺附近的法庭面对面,预计法官将征询安全性专家和执法人员官员的证词。Moments after taking to the stage at Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, Mr Cook positioned its legal battle with the FBI as a political one: “We get to decide as a nation how much power the government should have over our data and over our privacy.” 在踏上硅谷苹果总部的讲台后旋即,库克就将苹果与FBI的法律战定性为一场政治抗争:“我们作为一个国家,必须要求政府应该对我们的数据和隐私享有多大的权力。

” “We did not expect to be in this position — at odds with our own government...But we believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy,” he said. “We owe it to our customers and we owe it to our country. We will not shrink from this responsibility.” “我们没想起自己不会正处于这种境地——与我们自己的政府产生争吵……但是我们深信我们有责任协助你维护自己的数据,维护自己的隐私,”他称之为,“这是我们应当为我们的客户做的,也是我们应当为我们的国家做的。在这个责任面前,我们决不软弱。


” Yet amid its privacy campaign, Wall Street remains more concerned about Apple’s sales. 不过,在其隐私战争展开之际,华尔街更加关心的是苹果的销量。Analysts have forecast that the new iPhone will provide only a modest boost to iPhone sales at a time when the company is under pressure from investors to deliver faster growth. Apple is expected to report its first quarter of declining iPhone sales next month, after units were flat year-on-year in the December quarter. 分析师预计,新款iPhone只不会给iPhone销量带给小幅提高,而该公司于是以面对投资者拒绝其构建更加慢快速增长的压力。


“Pricing is the most significant component of these announcements. Apple will always prioritise margins but we’re seeing Apple price more aggressively across all products and categories,” Geoff Blaber, analyst at CCS Insight. “定价是这些发布会上最重要的部分。苹果总是不会优先考虑到利润率,但是我们于是以看见苹果在所有产品和品类的定价上更为咄咄逼人,”CCS Insight的分析师杰夫布拉波(Geoff Blaber)称之为。